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Mold removal is something you must perform if you are concerned with your health at all. Let’s face it… Mold is a nasty spore you never want in your home. The negative effects caused by mold on your overall health and well being are staggering. If you continue to “live with it” you could cause great harm to yourself and your family. With Mold removal and remediation from Innovative Restorations you can now put your mind to ease and live a happy, healthy life.

There is a myth that if you spray bleach on mold it will kill it. Or: you need someone to come out and spray my mold with something to kill it.

The problem with these thoughts are that we are still leaving the mold there in the environment. But now you can’t see them, (or at least not yet). But like anything with mold that hasn’t been taken care of properly, it will likely return.

Mold like anything that is living has a food source. You must remove the food source for the plant to die. If you spray bleach on the flower of the plant you may cut it back, make it appear dormant for a period of time, but there is still a food source and just like the weeds in your garden the mold will return again to the scene.

Our job is to determine the food source, (where the water is coming from) if that has not been done and then after the issue causing your mold has been removed, then we can remove and clean up the affected areas.

The difference in hiring a professional company that specializes in Mold clean up vs. the cleaning of your home every week is that we have training, equipment and the knowledge to make sure that it isn’t going to come back to hurt your family.

Procrastination is often the biggest culprit in the growth of mold spores. In some cases, mold is preventable if the source is dealt with quickly. Many people don’t realize mold begins its growth in 72 hours or less, depending upon temperature. In warmer climates like Tennessee in the summer, molds will grow more rapidly.

How we can help

“Unfortunately for the policy holder, mold removal rarely is covered by insurance . We cannot stress enough how damaging to your health and structure mold can be.” – Company President Josiah Kessie

Most homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover that expense in TN. We offer financing for those that qualify.

When you call us, we will send someone to do a thorough visual inspection and survey of the home, they will try to determine the source of the loss, (if it hasn’t been repaired yet). You will be provided a detailed plan of action that meets or exceeds the protocols of the IICRC/ANSI S520 standard, and the recommendations from the EPA. You will then be provided a written price for the work.

Project Scope: work required to clean up the damage and allows us to bid the job. We will survey the loss, see what is damaged, where we can set up containment, how much area is then affected. Do you need multiple rooms contained and multiple decontamination rooms for staff? How many air scrubbers. What materials are affected? How much labor is required? etc. Your bid for the job is then based on the scope.

Why choose Innovative Restorations for your mold removal and remediation

Have confidence knowing that Innovative Restorations employs certified technicians that undergo weekly in-house training by certified instructors, as well as possessing national certifications through the IICRC.

  • We are trained to place proper containment necessary to keep the mold where it is and out of the rest of your home during treatment.
  • Fast! We’ll protect you and your belongings.
  • Certified in the most up-to-date air filtration technology to ensure that the air is being cleaned of mold spores as we clean the structure of your home. This prevents the mold spores from taking root elsewhere in the home during mitigation.
  • IICRC Certifications:
    • Water restoration technician WTR
    • Advanced Structural Drying ASD
    • Fire and Smoke remediation
    • Microbial remediation AMRT
  • Licensed General Contractor #60361
  • Dept. of Agriculture Special 14 certified and licensed

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