Restoration Technician #1

Position Type: Technician
Compensation: $10.00/hour - $12.00/hour

Job Description:

Innovative Restorations is looking for another Water Damage Restoration Technician. Not certified? That’s ok we can teach you. We offer an extensive training program with certification while you get paid!

We are looking for someone hard working, with a long history of employment, Not job hopers! If you are a team player and you want to make a difference this may be the job for you. We are helping people get their homes put back together after a disaster. This job is not always easy, sometimes the hours are terrible and you may get called out in the middle of dinner, its all part of the job. But we’ll try to help you get home early sometimes too to make up the time lost with family.

Looking for benefits? We have them!

  • 6 Holidays Each Year
  • 1 Week Paid Vacation
  • Supplement Health Insurance Benefits
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Company Matched 401k
  • Company cell Phone

But not everyone that applies will get a job here, We’re a little picky. We’re looking at the following initially;

  • Valid Driver License and History
  • Criminal History Report
  • Drug Test
  • Work History

And the last thing, we want to make sure that you don’t date Rachel and marry Leah. So we will have about 5 -6 interviews to make sure that you are the right fit for both you and us!

So if you’re still interested, Send us your resume and put “I want to date you” in the subject line and then we’ll know you’re serious. Just our little test to make sure you can follow instructions and you’re not applying to every job you see!

We look forward to speaking with you!

How To Apply:

Use the following form to submit your resumé or you can submit your resumé directly to 

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