What Our Customers Have to Say

Don’t take our word for it. Simply listen to what a few of our customers have to say about the services, character, and integrity Innovative Restorations provides people just like you every single day.

Morningside Assisted Living

During the extremely cold weather in January, we had multiple water lines burst and cause damage to our community. After repairing the water lines, Garry Brown with Putnam Plumbing immediately recommended Innovative Restorations for the clean up. Their response time was amazing and they immediately went to work to restore our building! From the wet insulation removal, to the finishing touches of paint, they were nothing but professional and proficient with their work. I would highly recommend this company for any service they provide!

~John Yates, Maintenance Director

Rental Property Owner

Very impressed w/ Jon, Josiah and also the office for follow up. I grew up in the construction industry, so I can tell you know what you are doing. You guys are “ON top of your game!



My son is a FEDEX delivery man. He knew about your business. When there was back-up of sewage in my home, he said to call you. All technicians were very professional, neat in appearance and respected our property. The work was done neatly and the removal of all work site debris was appreciated.

~M. Garrett

Chief Operating Officer TAP Publishing Company

On May 14th of this year we had a fire that started from a shorted electrical entrance into our printing plant. The damage exceeded $400,000.00.

Rob Harrison was on the scene and suggested we contact your company for help with the emergency clean up and restoration. He had had previous experience with your company. Within minutes of the fire department leaving the building, your crew was on the job and preventing further damage to mission critical systems. They were key to us restoring operations in a matter of hours rather than days. Josiah, Troy and all they crew were great to work with. I hope I never need them again, but if the situation arises I will certainly call for help.

~Steve Stone


We had a water heater that was leaking. The floor surrounding had water damage. Martin Plumbing suggested we call Innovative Restorations. We trusted Troy completely. Glad we were referred to a good company.

~B. Vuxinic

Owner Agent Brown Insurance Group

I can easily recommend Innovative Restorations for quick response with fair pricing and great follow through. I’ve used them personally and have had several clients use them for insurance claims. All have been very satisfied. A couple clients got claims paid because of their professionalism and respect with claims adjustors, when initially the claim was not expected to be covered. They have or can get other repair contractors involved when damage needs additional expertise.

~Bill Oglesby

Board Member and Chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee

At the Cumberland County Playhouse: The Playhouse had a set of sprinklers go off over the main stage which the Fire Chief says dumped about 6000 gallons of water in about 15 minutes before it could be shut off. This flooded the stage which was at least three layers thick of wood, plus the basement which had all sorts of electrical panels, expensive dance floors in our rehearsal halls and costumes in the costume shop. To top it off, a show was scheduled for the next night. We started with a local carpet cleaner and his van, but it soon became clear that it was just too much for him to handle. I called Innovative Restorations because I knew they had the know-how and equipment to handle such a big complex project. It’s hard to describe how big the problem was and how much they did. They came right out with a truck full of drying equipment, high tech moisture meters, and most importantly, the expertise to get the job done. The show went on the next night without a hitch. And we avoided what could have been a very costly mold and mildew problem.

~Robert E. Harrison


The basement den flooded in my home. What a mess! My plumber suggested Josiah’s company. Their staff was knowledgeable and cared about doing their work right. I want to thank Josiah especially, for working in my behalf with the insurance company to get more of the work approved by my carrier. I would and have recommended this company to my family, friends and neighbors.

~B. Austin

Body Shop Mgr, Dave Kirk Automotive

Innovative Restorations is a hard-working, dependable and trustworthy company. Over the years of knowing them in the community, their reputation is one run with honesty and integrity. I have a custom home. I am detail oriented in my own job and know I am hard to please. I am very happy with the quality of workmanship Josiah completed for me. I would confidently recommend any and all jobs he says he can do.

~M. Dagle

Director Wyndridge Health & Rehabilitation

On behalf of Wyndridge Health and Rehabilitation Center, we would like to express our gratitude to Innovative Restorations. On Friday July 19th, 2013 at approximately 3:40 pm, an a/c unit began smoking in an unoccupied room. The smoke developed rapidly and filled the 400 unit wing. The local fire department responded and gave an order to evacuate the wing. Upon evacuation of the wing all residents were transported to Cumberland Medical Center for evaluation. The fire department reported the situation under control and told us we were clear to continue operations. Unfortunately, we could not bring the hospitalized residents back until the unit was clean. Innovative Restorations was called and they were here within the hour and began cleaning the unit. Gary Cochran, Administrator stated, “Josiah and his crew were very professional and worked diligently to get the unit operational”. Later that night at approximately 7:30, we called the hospital and notified them they could send the residents back to the facility. That would not have been possible without the help of Innovative Restorations.

~Brian Brewer

Tansi Homeowner

It was definitely a shock to come home to what I did but I am so thankful I you to handle my water damage! Your promptness and communication with me was wonderful and will recommend them to everyone. The experience was a blessing in disguise.

~J. Jordan


The insulation under our home was soaked due to a pipe leak behind the shower wall. As a result, not only was their water damage, but mold as well. We got more than one estimate. We heard from our plumber Mr. Rooter, that your company was the most honest. The technician was very professional, friendly and an extreme hard worker! We would hire Innovative again.

~R. Wright

Petrie’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

I wanted to take a minute to share my experience with Innovative Restorations. I have known, recommended, and used the services of Innovative Restorations several times over during the past couple of years. I will say that EVERY time Petrie’s has referred their services to our clients, their team (led by Josiah) have showed up promptly, worked quickly and exceeded the expectations of our clients. I have also gotten the opportunity to make multiple repairs to HVAC systems and duct work for some of their clients as well. I have found the same experience to be true in ALL of those occasions. As a result of my experience with your company, I will say that when it comes to water or fire damage restoration, theirs is the only company that I would recommend: Innovative Restoration!

~David Trumbly


Our supply line to the toilet in the master bathroom broke and water was spewing throughout the bathroom. The water flooded the bathroom, bedroom and into the heating and cooling duct work. Petrie’s One Hour recommended Innovative Renovations to us. They were quick to come at 10pm on a Friday night and stayed until 1:30am to clean up the mess, then set up their drying equipment. After everything was dry, they finished it with a great carpet cleaning. It looked very nice.

~Mr. & Mrs. Blair

Field Property Claim Representative TN/VA- Grange Insurance

Thank you for your efforts on this job. It is refreshing to work with a contractor who is not trying to stick it to the insurance companies.

~Brian N. Bean


I had a water line in my house, over my garage that broke. As I was headed to get a shop vac, I remembered Larry Kessie making a presentation at Rotary Club about how big a problem mold can be when there’s a flood. So I stopped to see him. He got his son, Josiah, to come help dry out the garage. They came right over, worked hard to clean up the water, set up all sorts of big drying equipment and created big tents to make sure all the wood in the garage roof got dried out over the next 24 hours. I am so glad I got them instead of trying to Shop Vac that problem myself!

~R. Harrison

NASA Retired & Homeowner

Very professional. Good project management. Workers came when they said they would and arrived on time throughout the project. Excellent skills and easy to work with.

~J. Eroh

Deer Creek Subdivision- Board of Directors

A vehicle damaged our gate house in the entrance of our gated community. Innovative Restorations came highly recommended by 2 contractors that I knew and the local improvement supply store. (Cumberland Components) My entire work life has been in construction, I know what I speak when I compliment Innovative Restorations on the following:

1) Prompt courteous response to initial contact.
2) Your quote was identical to another company’s estimate but your quote’s presentation and thoroughness impressed our Home Association Board so much, the comparison was over.
3) Neat job site, a BIG plus.
4) The finished product was as good as new.
5) Another big plus working with you was how quickly you responded to questions and returning phone calls.
6) I have Innovative Restorations on speed-dial now.
p/s If I intend to have work done on my home, I will contact Innovative to do the work.

~Mike Stubbs

USAF Retiree & Homeowner

During our restoration process, it became necessary to be away from our house. We made arrangements for Innovative Restorations to let themselves in and lock up when they were done. They kept us updated of the work progress, schedule and needs by phone. Their professionalism, honesty and work ethic were outstanding. We are more than happy with the final results of their work and highly recommend them to anyone with disaster recovery needs.

~H. Vroegindewy


I was so impressed with their prompt response and reasonable cost. I wouldn’t wish a mess like this on anyone, but if ever faced with this again, I would call Innovative Restoration right away.

~L. Harrison