Storm Damage Restoration

Are you a storm damage victim? If you need help to remove fallen tree limbs, cover a roof to protect from rain, board up windows etc…. you should call us now.

Trauma to a home can knock out a supporting wall that may be structurally supporting a second floor or just a roof. Knock this out during a snowstorm with the added weight on your roof and you could have a collapse.

Innovative Restorations will first remove any safety hazards caused from storm damage. Many of these hazards include falling brick, shattered glass, electrical damage and the list goes on. All these are dangers that should be tackled by a professional for your own safety. WE have crews standing by ready to respond to with fast storm damage restoration.

Don’t put your safety at risk and not call for a free estimate right now.

Hazards And Cautions

  • Electrical Dangers
  • Structural Support Dangers.
  • Falling Debris
  • Slip Dangers
  • Outdoor Electrical dangers from exposed live wires
    (Fallen trees can take out power lines that may still be live. Live power lines can electrify the ground near them.)

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Strom Damage Repair

Strom Damage Repair TN

Storm Damge Restoration

How We Could Help You During Storm Damage

What Board-Up & Storm services include:

  • We will develop an action plan to restore the property to its original state, including all repair work.
  • Photograph the outside of the property that has been damaged during the storm, including outbuildings or decks
  • Inspect the roof and related outer property dwellings (shed, barn, carport)
  • We will remove trees or other debris, related to the storm winds.
  • We will cover the areas that could be exposed to the elements with a tarpaulin.
  • Cover broken windows with plastic sheeting or plywood.
  • Exterior walls that have sustained damage should be covered with plywood or plastic sheeting.
  • Communicate and file paperwork to you and the claims adjuster.

If the damage is minimal, and there are no city or state codes prohibiting it, you can complete repairs yourself.

If damage is extensive, contact your insurance carrier and file a claim. Hiring a general contractor is advised.

If you do not have insurance, you can use any contractor you want; you will just have to pay for the reparations out of pocket. (Inquire about our financing available)

Why Call Us When Storm Damage Has Occurred?

Mother Nature from time to time can create havoc to your property. In emergencies such as hail, tornado and falling tree limbs, Innovative Restorations provides Storm Disaster Recovery Services. Dependent on your homeowner coverage and deductible, it is wiser to call us first.

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1. FREE Estimate: Our services may cost less than your deductible.
2. FAST Response: Dependent on distance, typically we will be able to respond within an hour of your initial call.
3. LICENSED contractor: We carry all the necessary insurance and certifications that will give you peace of mind.
4. EQUIPMENT ready: We have plenty of ladders, tarps, rope and tools to assure the task at hand is done right.

YOUR SAFETY FIRST: It is important that homeowners resist the urge to start cleaning up after the storm, especially when there is evidence of downed power lines and fallen trees. Limbs can still conduct large amount of electricity. Leave removal to professionals. Common storm damage can include: damaged siding, shingles ripped off, broken windows, hail dents, downed wires and fallen trees. All of which can be handled by Innovative Restorations. It is important to remember that no matter the size of the storm, an inspection of your home after is suggested. We can let you know if the damage to your home is significant enough to call your insurance company.