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It’s dry…now what?

Hiring a drying specialist has many advantages. Hopefully there is minimal interior renovations to consider: carpet stretching, baseboard replacement, a little paint here and there…

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Some claims require a bit more and there are a few options. The property owner can take it upon themselves to repair, hire a different contractor or Innovative Restorations often is requested to handle the reconstruction. Having a project manager coordinate the variety of tasks required, can minimize the stress and confusion. We can coordinate your subcontractors or use our reliable alliances. Families for years have come to rely on our insight and skills to complete the restorative projects at hand.

Reconstruction Needs May Include:

  • Sheetrock mounting and paint
  • Reconstruction ServicesFlooring installation
  • Insulation replacement
  • Cabinetry and various trim work
  • Plumbing, electrical & HVAC repairs

We are fully licensed and experienced:

  • General Contractor and Master Carpenter on staff
  • We guarantee our workmanship

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