Your Rights As A Policy Holder

As a home owner your property is a significant investment. Your reaction time and who you hire is crucial when having to repair the aftermath of an internal flood, fire or storm, that’s caused damage to your dwelling.

In regards to insurance coverage, your rights as a home owner include selecting a contractor whose workmanship you trust. Understand, it is NOT your insurance company’s right to dictate which contractor you can use.

It’s important to know:

Not all circumstances or claims are covered by your insurance company. What is or isn’t covered is to be determined by a claims handler from the insurance company. Dependent upon your policy “sudden and accidental” losses are most commonly covered. (I.E. tree falls on your home, a pipe freezes and breaks.)

Some damages may have a limit as to the extent of coverage or no coverage at all. (I.E. toilet over flow, sewage/drain back up, rising water coming into your home from rain. )
Certain coverage may require an additional policy rider such as flood insurance or a drain endorsement.

Your insurance company’s obligation is to repay you for services rendered, to put your property back to pre-loss condition and reimbursing you for out of pocket expenses over your deductible. Check with your agent to see if you have proper coverage. It would be a shame to find out after the fact, that you are without the adequate financial assistance.

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